Thursday, July 29, 2010

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back! The past month we have been hard at work planning, redesigning and rebuilding the community. Four months ago we embarked on this journey not knowing that we would be standing here today with three sims. We opened our gates in April with 1 sim and about 20 residents, a few days later after we had a quite long waiting list and we purchased a second sim. Fast forward four months to today and we have just welcomed our third sim, Little Wonders City to our community.

Our Community is home to about 60 residents, who actively participate in family and community roleplay. I would like to welcome the future students and staff of Oceanside Elementary who now call Little Wonders their home.

The Community currently has 12 Houses and 8 Townhomes, 4 parks, a DMV, Police and Fire stations, A family Restaraunt, Gas Station, swimming pool and a church. A lot of fun will be had around town. With a family market in the proposed budget for mid-september.

New activities are coming soon! The community church will be welcoming its very first youth group meeting monthly in the church starting in September.

The DMV will be posting a weekly schedule, please watch for a flyer in your mailbox soon! WAIT, did you read that right? Yes, you did! We got really awesome new mailboxes that were donated by Larnia Kids! These mailboxes allow for residents to receive mail! So, watch your mailboxes so that you don't miss out on anything exciting!

We are also adding to the community 4 elected and paid positions. The Mayor, Police Sheriff, Fire Chief and Newspaper Editor. There will also be volunteer positions that will act as a committee that creates laws for the police to enforce.

Election information will be sent out to residents in their mailboxes within the next few weeks. After resident who would like to run for a position submit their information we will be publishing statements in the community newspaper and holding debates. Election ballots will then be mailed home to residents and returned to me. I will tally the ballots and there will be a parade and we will be announcing the new positions at that event.

Some laws that will be on that ballot as well will be the following;

Speed Limits
Proposed School Zone
Parking Tickets
Fee Schedule for Fines
-Fines will include: Over Prim charges, speeding, reckless driving, cussing in front of a minor, minor cussing.

Sidenote: Of course the fines will not be significant amounts as it is for the roleplay experience. I will not allow for any fine to be over 50L and all monies collected from fines will go towards purchasing new and exciting things for the community.

Again, Welcome Back and we hope to see you around the Community.

-Little Wonders Community Management