Friday, April 23, 2010

Welcome to Little Wonders

welcome to the Little Wonders Community Blog. If you haven't visited Little Wonders yet, you are definately missing out. Little Wonders Community is a Multi-Sim family rp community that offers homes, suburban living and a sense of community.

On a typical day in the community, you can find children riding their bikes. Uhaul trucks delivering belongings to residents as they move in, laughter and an occasional shriek of someone who has been caught off guard.

Little Wonders opened on April 18th, with 9 families moved in. There is plenty to enjoy, A park with soccer field, playground, paddleboats, kayaks, tubing, boating, fishing, bike and walking trails, Drive-In Movie Theater, and Family dining at Nicolo's Pizzeria. Newspapers are delivered monthly with articles about the sim, and events for the whole family. I woulnd't want to leave out our sunday morning church service held at the Community church on the corner of Gilman Blvd and Lil Wonders way at 9:30am. Need to fill up your tank to get that family around town... stop on by the gas station on Everwood court and don't forget to grab an ice cream from the store there :D

Just yesterday Little Wonders has expanded by adding Little Wonders West to our community. We are excited to introduce 11 more properties for families to move into. We are also excited for the new additions to our community. The Little Wonders Police and Fire Department and Kidz Helping Kidz Medical Clinic.

For More information about the Little Wonders Community please contact Kiesa Nicoletti, Jill Caldera or Gattz Gilman or

Rental Prices: 2900L/week for 800 prims (house)
1100L/week for 300 prims (townhome)